Renewing First Aid/CPR/AED Certifications

Having proper first aid training is important for both your family, co-workers and friends.  Providing basic first aid can help save a life in an emergency situation; however, First Aid/CPR/AED certifications need to be renewed every 2 years.  

To renew your First Aid certification, you can choose to take an in-person class, or register for an Online learning course, which allows you to study online, then complete a hands-on skills session in person.  Registration takes just minutes – but the skills you'll learn can make all the difference to those in need. 

We believe that this training is so important that we will send you a $5 Amazon gift certificate upon completion of training prior to March 31, 2022! 


Options available for training:


If you would like assistance in registering for your training, please call us at 402.896.0454 or 402.898.7364.