Selling Membership to Your Boss


Get management’s buy-in on the value of membership

As a safety professional you understand the importance of valuing safety in all areas of your organization. However, you may face some difficulty in convincing management to fully back your safety program and creating an ever-important culture of safety. Becoming a National Safety Council, Nebraska member is a worthwhile endeavor and below are some reasons to help you explain the importance and benefits of membership.

Below are some tips for sharing the benefits of being a member of the National Safety Council.  You might also want to download this guide to help you prepare a business case for membership.  Need help, just let us know.  Our team of account managers is passionate about how the National Safety Council, Nebraska can help you save time, money and lives.  

  • Safety should be viewed as an investment and not an expense
    The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety has revealed that there is a $3-$6 savings for every $1 invested in safety. NSCN membership may even help lower workers’ compensation costs, insurance premium rates, and indirect costs due to injury reduction.
    Having a strong safety program shows you care about your employees, and can also increase your employee’s morale and productivity, actually saving your organization money in the long run.
  • OSHA compliance
    We have numerous ways to help keep your organization in compliance with OSHA and avoid unnecessary fines. For instance, we offer OSHA Compliance Certificate courses. Our monthly OSHA Up-to-Date newsletter provides members with the latest important information.
    Need a customized review of your safety program and facility? Our experienced consultants can objectively examine your compliance programs to identify potential problem areas – before OSHA does.
    Finally, our professional librarians are available 5 days a week and can help you find information on OSHA regulations. 
  • Discounted safety products and training
    Our members enjoy substantial discounts on a large selection of books, manuals, periodicals, training classes, materials and more. Members also receive a registration discount to many of our conferences, presentations, and more.
  • A wealth of safety and health information
    As a benefit of membership, you will receive a monthly copy of Safety+Health magazine, their choice of either OSHA Up-to-Date or Traffic Safety monthly newsletters, a quarterly copy of Membership Advantage newsletter, Injury Facts – an annual compilation of safety and health statistics, and News Alert – a weekly electronic newsletter bringing you the most current safety and health news.
  • There is no excuse not to be safe
    “Any risk of serious injury or death is unreasonable and unacceptable if that risk could be eliminated or reduced through reasonable accident prevention measures…those which are economically and technologically feasible.”*
    We strive to educate and influence our members to prevent accidental injury and death. Reacting to hazardous incidents is not a safety program.
  • Safety provides a competitive edge
    As a National Safety Council, Nebraska member, your organization will align itself with the leader in safety and health.
  • The importance of off-the-job safety
    Off-the-job injuries to workers cost the nation at least $193.6 billion (2004), compared to $142.2 billion for workplace injuries. The average company pays $740 for every employee, each year in off-the-job injuries – including costs associated with absenteeism, health care, productivity, and unscheduled work interruptions.

* Gallagher, VA. “Motivating Management When Cost-Benefit Analysis Fails.” Professional Safety. May 1999. V. 44, No. 5, P 45.