Effective Safety Management Practices (ESMP) I

Course Description

Designed for safety leaders, this course addresses safety management systems, the roles and responsibilities of safety professionals, leading safety management processes, safety performance measures, and more. It’s ideal for the people who coordinate, supervise, or manage your organization’s safety and health efforts. 

What You Will Learn: 

● Determine how events in the safety, health, and management fields influence your organization’s safety management focus 

● Identify characteristics of an effective safety management system 

● Identify activities performed in the safety and health audit process 

● Identify roles and responsibilities of safety professionals 

● Assess your personal leadership skills 

● Identify the four key requirements for creating a positive safety culture 

● Identify activities to perform in your organization’s safety and health audit process 

● Use measurement tools to evaluate safety at your organization 

● Establish a business case for a safety management system 

● Analyze a safety and health case study from a manager’s perspective and develop a plan to resolve the identified issues 

  Who Should Attend: 

● Employees new to safety or with new safety responsibilities 

● Safety practitioners 

● Safety team leaders 

● Safety consultants 

● Safety Supervisors 

● Middle/upper management 

● Designers and developers of safety content 

This course meets requirements for the following:

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