Hazardous Materials Transportation (DOT)

Course Description:

Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance Hazardous Materials Transportation course meets training requirements for hazardous materials (hazmat) workers.

Participants will receive a Handling Hazardous Materials book, Emergency Response Guidebook and certificate of completion.

Course Includes:

  • Define the purpose, scope, and applicability of the DOT regulations
  • Identify hazardous materials according to DOT criteria
  • Identify packaging conditions which are acceptable for handling and transportation
  • Determine/ recognize marking requirements for a packaged, non-bulk, non-radioactive hazardous material
  • Select and apply primary/subsidiary hazard labels to given packages of hazardous materials
  • Determine and recognize appropriate documentation requirements for describing hazardous materials on shipping papers
  • Identify hazardous materials placarding requirements
  • Recognize safety practices involving hazardous materials


  • First time participants looking to satisfy the training requirements of the Department of Transportation


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