Safety Leadership Program

Course Description:

The Safety Leadership Program (SLP) training program is a curriculum dedicated to enabling executive leadership, business leaders, supervisors, and operational management on how to positively lead safety to achieve and sustain an injury-free workplace. 

The Safety Leadership Trainings will provide operational guidance and leadership skills derived from NSC Workplace trainings such as the Supervisor Safety Development Program, Principles of Occupational Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Human and Organizational Performance and Safety Management Techniques. 

The Safety Leadership Program (SLP) is an interactive eight-module course that aims to transform individuals into safety and health business leaders others can rely upon to consistently meet the safety goals of the organization. The course is guided by the Safety Leadership Model, which is centered on Planning, People, and Performance. The course uses a funnel as visual representation of the Safety Leadership Model process. As the funnel chart offers a visual that will demonstrate the process of fostering a successful safety and health organization with a continuous process flow. Beginning with strategic planning that will engage/motivate people within the organization to perform at their best to achieve desired results. Modules will be grouped under each process. The model will be used throughout the program modules.

The modules are: 

Module 1: Building Safety as a Value in Your Organization 

Module 2: Influencing a Safety Culture 

Module 3: Becoming a S&H Leader 

Module 4: Safety and Health Performance Measures 

Module 5: Communicating for Results 

Module 6: Recognition and Rewards 

Module 7: Succession Planning for Business Leaders 

Module 8: Human Organizational Performance (HOP) 

What Participants Will Learn: 

Participants will learn safety planning and strategy, elements of maintaining a strong positive safety culture, how to identify key work practices that will enhance their role as a leader, succession planning and innovative ways to integrate safety concepts within their organization. The Safety Leadership curriculum is filled with relevant exercises, activities, and case studies that will engage specifically the leadership audience. 

Benefits to companies include: 

· Equipping leaders with the specific skills, tools, and behaviors they will need to confidently lead others and drive performance of their team. 

· Expand leadership expertise on safety management systems and utilization of safety and health measurement tools. 

· Detailed gap analysis and action plans that will assist in continuous improvement. 

· A model for developing a strong support of front-line leaders to be safety and health leaders. 

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